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  • General

    2nd Grade

    A Place Where Students:

    Dream, Wonder, Question, Connect, Empathize, Invent,

    Discover, Innovate, Design, Explore, Tinker, Create, Problem Solve,

    Experiment, Transform, Reflect, and Become Lifelong Learners!

    "Every Child Every Day"

    • Homework


      There is no homework assigned on weekends or holidays.

      The school expectation is for 2nd graders to spend 20 minutes each weeknight reading
      and to spend no more than 15 minutes on additional homework.

      Reading: Your child is expected to read 20 minutes each weeknight. Please initial your child's planner to show that he or she read.

      Lexile Book Finder
      Recommended 2nd Grade Book List
      Higher Level Reading Books

      Math: Your child will need to complete a math worksheet on Monday and Wednesday evenings and it is due the following day. All 2nd grade teachers may not be on the exact same lesson at the same time, so assignments between classes may look a bit different. Occasionally, no homework will be assigned. There are some helpful links to resources below:

      Math Expressions Resources for Families

      Math Expressions Resources for Students

      Think Central

      Choice Activity: We value the extra activities that your children do at home.  On Tuesday and Thursday nights, your child can choose a choice activity to complete as homework.  Some examples of choice activities are: building, creating, practicing a musical instrument, sports, karate, acting, art, scientific investigations, family games, play dates with friends, preparing a family meal/snack, taking care of the family pet, enrichment activities, household chores, etc.  Please have your child write the activity he or she chose to do in the planner.

      Movement: As a school, Blue Mountain is encouraging all students to get up and move more. Your child will be expected to move daily, outside of school hours. It can be soccer practice, gymnastics, playing outside, riding bike, etc. Movement is important and we believe it to be great stimulation for learning and being our best!

    • 2nd Grade Learning

      A Closer Look at 2nd Grade Learning

      Design Thinking & Genius Hour

      Students will use the design thinking process throughout the school day. This process will encourage them to become lifelong learners by making cross-curricular connections, asking questions, staying focused, experimenting, problem solving, designing, revising and justifying thinking, and self-reflecting. Students will also be given the opportunity to learn more about a topic of their choice during genius hour.


      Technology will enhance learning in all content areas through the use of document cameras, Promethean Boards, iPads, classroom/pod computers, and weekly computer lab time. Students will use technology as a tool to find answers to their inquiries and to deepen their understanding of the world around them.

      ReadyGEN Literacy

      Students will learn how to be better readers, writers, and communicators by engaging in authentic, rich texts.  Students will improve their stamina and deepen their skills as readers and writers.  Each child will be in flexible, small reading groups that will address his or her specific reading needs.

      Math Expressions

      Students will use objects, drawings, conceptual language, and real-world situations to build mathematical ideas and make sense of them.

      FOSS Science

      Students will use inquiry notebooks to record their journey through the scientific process in class and in Science class. Scientific investigations will support student inquiries about air and weather, force and motion, and plant and animal habitats. Students will visit NCAR to deepen their understanding of air and weather and the Denver Zoo will visit students at school to teach more about animal habitats.

      Social Studies

      Students will explore historical communities, use geography tools, learn how to be active and kind community members, and discover the importance of financial literacy. They will learn about these topics through research projects, design thinking projects, and whole school assemblies.

      • Thank you!

        Thank You

        To our wonderful volunteers who help us on a regular basis in our classrooms! We are so grateful for your time and effort towards helping us learn.

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